NJ Transit Bus Assignments By Fleet Number

D4000 Cruiser Private Carrier/8000 Series

As of August 6, 2001

Deliveries of the D4000 Cruisers are in progress. This list is subject to change. The next batch of D4000 Cruisers are slated to arrive beginning in July.

2000 MCI D4000 CRUISER [162]

8401-8435: DeCamp 8436-8450: BUSES HAVE NOT YET ARRIVED ON NJT PROPERTY 8451: Carefree Lines 8452-8453: Carefree Lines 8454-8499: Coach USA/Rockland Coaches

8500-8512: Coach USA/Rockland Coaches 8513-8517: Coach USA/Community Coach 8518-8520: Coach USA/Olympia Trails 8521-8523: Coach USA/Rockland Coaches 8523-8555: BUSES HAVE NOT YET ARRIVED ON NJT PROPERTY 8556-8559: Trans Bridge Lines 8560-8562: BUSES HAVE NOT YET ARRIVED ON NJT PROPERTY 8563-8599: Academy Bus Lines

8600-8612: Academy Bus Lines

Lavatory equipped coach.

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