NJ Transit - Flxible Metro B Suburban VIN Numbers

This listing is based information from the Flxible delivery lists at the Ohio Museum of Transportation web site. The carrier listed was to whom the bus was assigned to at the time of delivery in 1989. Clover Bus Lines eventually became HAML Corp., which operates the Rutgers University shuttle service. Asbury Park Transit was eventually absorbed into Academy Bus Lines. Hudson Bus Transportation Company evolved into the Hudson County contract routes (2, 88, 123, and 125) which were once operated by TCT, but are now operated by the #22 Hillside subsidiary of Academy. Drogin Bus Lines was merged into part of the Coach USA/Red & Tan family, and operates as Trans Hudson Express. West Hunderdon Transit Company's bus #3261 eventually went to Trans-Bridge. I am not 100% sure, but I believe Central Jersey Transit was also merged into Academy as well.

3000: JD099592 (NJT) 3001-3076: KD099993-KD100068 (NJT) 3077-3101: KD100213-KD100237 (NJT) 3102-3150: KD100069-KD100117 (NJT) 3151-3185: KD100238-KD100272 (NJT) 3186-3198: KD100118-KD100130 (DeCamp) 3199-3200: KD100211-KD100212 (DeCamp) 3201-3204: KD100131-KD100134 (Community) 3205-3206: KD100205-KD100206 (NJT) 3207-3216: KD100135-KD100144 (Hudson Bus Transportation Co) 3217-3218: KD100198-KD100199 (Red & Tan/Rockland Transit) 3219-3253: KD100149-KD100183 (Drogin) 3254-3255: KD100193-KD100194 (Drogin) 3256-3257: KD100145-KD100146 (Hudson Bus Transportation Co) 3258-3259: KD100147-KD100148 (Clover) 3260: KD100201 (Clover) 3261: KD100207 (W Hunterdon) 3262-3264: KD100190-KD100192 (Red & Tan/Rockland Coach) 3265: KD100208 (Lakeland) 3266: KD100209 (NJT) 3267: KD100210 (Lakeland) 3268-3270: KD100202-KD100204 (NJT) 3271-3273: KD100187-KD100189 (Hudson Transit/Short Line) 3274: KD100200 (Red & Tan/Rockland Transit) 3275: KD100197 (Blue & Gray) 3276: KD100195 (Academy) 3277: KD100196 (Asbury Park Transit) 3278-3279: KD100184-KD100185 (Academy) 3280: KD100186 (Asbury Park Transit)
3500-3578: KD100300-KD100378 (NJT) 3579-3605: KD100273-KD100299 (Red & Tan/Rockland Transit)

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